Thursday, August 24, 2006


smlm g post office.
hr ni g bank. duit dh tggl rm 10.
psl byr hutang ccna 1 rm 150.
so g bank brought along my asb account book.
kat bank amek form n isi as usual.
amek no n waited for my turn.
B017 Counter 3. yess!
an indian guy served me.
i looked at his name card.
philip. owh.
after finishing key-in my data.
he gave me the money n my asb form to his boss (kot).
(yg dok blkg dorg tu)
"haha.. ni nk kuar rm 50 ke 100?"
he asked philip but then was looking at me.
i confused.
philip then took the form n asked me the same question.
"owh.. ni u nk kuar rm50 ke 100?"
i looked at the form.
nilai amount yg nk kuar: rm50
yg ditulis dlm perkataan: satu ratus sahaja
so i said sorry for the stupid mistake.
maybe i was on something else mase isi form tu.
so tak concentrate.
nasib baik tulis hundred. bukan 1000.
philip smiled n said "it's ok"
then, i said thanks n went off.



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