Friday, January 26, 2007

Filailati Minallayaali - In one of the nights [English Version]

In one of the nights,
I dont know what happened to me,
Darkness Covered me O my Rabb,
The earth has been narrowed, and (also) the sky,
and my heart haven't know the light,
And tears stayed, crying O my Ilaah

Ya Ilahi 3x

I committed a big sin,
And I am inside my sadness a captive,
Chained by the sin O my Rabb,
Does the sinner deserve forgiveness, O my Ilaah
I admit my sins, O my Ilaah
You are the one who created, mercied and blessed me,

All the time you were with me, O my Rabb.
However, I went far away from you and forgot your rights,
And waked on my way, O my Ilaah.
And today O my Rabb,
I come back from a darkness beyond the boundaries,
The heart is broken and my sight is confused.
Ang I am sinking and see no one but you to rescue me,
No help except you,
O my Ilaah, O my Ilaah

* The Word Ilaah and Rabb were not translated due to incapability of English language to translate its meaning in its entirety with a few words. The language of the Paradise is too beautiful and powerful to be translated to any other language in short. Praise be to Allah, Who has bestow this languange to Prophet Muhammad SAW. The song in mp3 can be downloaded soon!


Blogger abeming said...

Huaa best ar lagu ni...Ilah?Rab?huhu dua2 bermaksud Tuhan...namun apakah perbezaannya???hehe kenape dty Marabbuka?bukan Mailahuka?haha soalan cepu mas ni..sori klu slah eja..xtau eja cane..tau lisan je..

February 08, 2007 4:57 PM  
Blogger burung_jenjang@k9 said...

Ilah n Rabb = tuhan


xde aku rase. cume dr segi ejaan je la. maksud still sama.

marabbuka? means "siapa tuhan mu?"

mailahuka = aku tatau

ko try tanye org yg lebih arif
sekian :)

February 17, 2007 11:20 PM  

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