Saturday, January 13, 2007

Last Survey.

Last person you hugged
iman safiyah

Last car ride
last 2 days

Last time you cried
can't recall

Last movie you watched
back to the future III

Last food you ate
nasi putih, mixed vegies and ayam masak cili api for dinner

Last item you bought
tak ingat

Last shirt you wore
yellow t-shirt

Last phone call
najib. but failed to reach him.

Last text message
sarmi. asking about his rental house.

Last kiss
iman safiyah

Last thing you touched
my handset

Last funeral
can't remember

Last trip to the mall
few days ago kot.

Last time you were excited for something

Last person you saw
a schoolmate

Last thing you drank
air kosong.

Last person that broke your heart
i dunno

Last time you were happy
few minutes ago

Last plane ride
last year

Last dream
this morning


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